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This is where we will be putting blog posts about all thing handyman related.

Simple Weatherproofing Steps

The ‘Light’ test – Shine a light around your doors and look for gaps in the door, Replacing old weatherstripping and adjusting the door from the hinges can tighten up those gaps.

Condensate drain – Add 2 cups of bleach and warm water into your condensate line and let it cycle through the line to help prevent algae buildup and blockage

Caulk those windows and doors – Here is a little secret. Using some clear silicone and caulk the top of the trim around your windows on the inside of the house.

Change those filters – HVAC systems run more efficiently with clean filters.

Chris Lalomia, Owner - The Trusted Toolbox, The Trusted Toolbox is the leading professional handyman company in the Atlanta area. They can handle everything from bathroom remodels to drywall and wood rot repair around the house and everything in between. Contact them for your home repair needs.

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