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Happy 4th of July!

We hope your Independence Day celebrations were filled with fireworks, food, fun times with friends and family, and festive activities!
We work around your schedule
Chris Lalomia (Our fearless leader)
The fourth of July is always a good time to reflect on the 1st half of the year, while it started out cold and rainy, that is in our rear view mirror. We have continued to see robust demand for home repair and remodeling of houses. Rotted trim and damaged drywall still lead the list of items to be repaired, bathroom remodels for jack and jill baths and masters are still our biggest requests for updates.
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Featured Bathroom Remodel
Could your bathroom, basement, or kitchen use an update? We can help!
The Trusted Toolbox is easy to work with. We know convenience matters to you. That is why we make it simple to set up an appointment over the phone or online.

Our crew members arrive on time, get the job done right the first time, and always set out to exceed your expectations.

So, skip the potential for a DIY disaster and let our team of 20 highly skilled technicians take care of dated wall and floor coverings, grimy paint, annoying electrical issues and more.
Bathroom Remodels
Let us transform this home hot spot with the installation of a new tub, shower, toilet, and sink.

These big-ticket items can have a huge impact on the sophisticated feel of this space.

Put your style stamp on your bathroom with details such as new wall and floor tiles, lighting and fixtures, cabinets, countertops, and mirrors.
Basement Redos
Make this area one that everyone gravitates to rather than avoids. By increasing the living space in your home, you are also adding value to it!

We can transform this section of the home by finishing it and adding walls, flooring, paint, and molding, along with accents to fit your lifestyle, such as a wet bar or a dedicated area for a pool table.
Kitchen Makeovers
This service is one of our most requested. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and they’re right! We can make this space functional and fabulous with new cabinets, countertops, islands, an enhanced layout, appliances and more.
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Need fresh ideas to take your cookhouse from cookie-cutter to captivating?
Andrew Jones has more than 11 years experience emphasizing sales and business development in the home improvement industry. He is skilled and knowledgeable with all tools related to residential home repair and construction.

Andrew has been married to Carrie for 14 years. They like hiking, camping, cruises, sipping cocktails on a float or just a beer by the fire pit with friends and entertaining around their favorite holiday, Halloween.

Andrew is always looking for a way to improve himself and his craft.
"I don’t believe I can know everything there is to know, but it is sure fun to try!"

~Andrew Jones
Check out these top 10 design trends for 2019:
  1. Make your sink the focal point by choosing an eye-catching color and/or a nontraditional material or size.
  2. Play with texture. Try incorporating brass accents, earthy shiplap, or smooth quartz.
  3. Ditch ordinary gray and beige tones and add vibrant color to the island or cabinets.
  4. Incorporate butcher block countertops.
  5. Showcase your pantry. Choose a door that expresses your style. Add lots of light to the space so you can see items easily. Show off your organization skills with charming containers.
  6. Update your range to one that is colorful.
  7. Consider copper accessories.
  8. Try two-tone cabinets. Opting for a darker color on lower cabinets and a lighter color on upper cabinets will make the space appear larger.
  9. Go for open shelving.
  10. Integrate appliances into the design so they seamlessly blend into the cabinetry.
Diane Rigdon
★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
I was very pleased with the work Trusted Toolbox performed, hanging artwork and TV and a 112 lb whiteboard in a commercial office. I discussed the job with Andrew and his right hand man and they offered suggestions, were very knowledgeable and professional. Several people in the office commented on what a nice job they did. I really enjoyed working with them and will certainly call them again. Thanks guys!
Josh Borys
A week ago
John was fantastic! He stained our front door and sanded it. Also installed a new door leading from our garage to our back yard. John was professional and very friendly! He also did some work around our garage doors and all in all.. I couldn't be more pleased. I will be requesting John when we have more work to do around the house. Thanks guys!!!
Thank you for your support in voting us Best of 2018 Atlanta Home Improvement and My East Cobb Best of 2019.

We can't do this without your support!
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Simple Weatherproofing Steps

The ‘Light’ test – Shine a light around your doors and look for gaps in the door, Replacing old weatherstripping and adjusting the door from the hinges can tighten up those gaps.

Condensate drain – Add 2 cups of bleach and warm water into your condensate line and let it cycle through the line to help prevent algae buildup and blockage

Caulk those windows and doors – Here is a little secret. Using some clear silicone and caulk the top of the trim around your windows on the inside of the house.

Change those filters – HVAC systems run more efficiently with clean filters.

Chris Lalomia, Owner - The Trusted Toolbox, The Trusted Toolbox is the leading professional handyman company in the Atlanta area. They can handle everything from bathroom remodels to drywall and wood rot repair around the house and everything in between. Contact them for your home repair needs.

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Budgeting For Home Repairs

Budgeting for Home Repairs and Enhancements Investing in home repairs preserves the value of your home. You don’t just buy a house, make a mortgage payment and expect that to be the extent of your financial commitment. For many people, their homes are the #1 asset in their investment portfolio, and keeping that investment up to date and preserving its value is important. When you purchase a home, that is just the beginning of the expenses. We all budget for expenses that are anticipated, such as utility payments, taxes and furnishings, but what about home maintenance and upgrades. When setting up your home maintenance and upgrade budget, I am often asked “How much should I budget to spend on maintenance and upgrades on my house each year. “ My answer is that you should INVEST 1% of your current home value EACH YEAR into upkeep and enhancements in your home. This investment in preventative maintenance and upgrades will help preserve the value of your home. The calculations are simple, if you own a home worth $300,000, then you should set aside $3000 for maintenance and upgrades each year. These investment dollars are above and beyond utility payments and taxes, and are critical to preserve your home’s value longer term.

Why should I invest this money in upkeep? Major home repairs usually occur due to something breaking in the house, i.e. the roof leaks, the hot water heater fails, etc. Periodic inspection and small maintenance can prevent larger repairs from happening. Preventative maintenance such as caulking, minor plumbing repairs, deck safety maintenance, door adjustments, and weathersealing of windows, would save you money over the time in your home. Preventative maintenance on our house is similar to changing the oil in your car. Many of us automatically get our oil changed when the “change oil light” comes on, or the mileage hits a certain distance, but when it comes to our house, we forget to take the same approach. If you didn’t get your oil changed for $20 periodically, you would need to replace your engine when it stops running at a cost of up to $3000. Similarly if you would caulk and paint your window trim where it has separated each year for $100 in materials, you could end up replacing windows, drywall and possibly remediating a mold situation due to the water penetration and that could cost up to $8000. Spending a small amount now, prevents potential major failures later. This investment in preventative maintenance SAVES MONEY through cost avoidance due to major issues and doesn’t let deferred maintenance degrade the value of your home.

How about upgrading and enhancing the house? This is always more fun and rewarding than preventative maintenance items we have discussed. Upgrading our house appeals to our creative side and allows us to make the house more like “our home.” I recommend that people look to categorize these investments into 2 buckets, “lifestyle” and “neighborhood norms.” Lifestyle enhancements are for your enjoyment and may not bring you a return on your investment, but you should do them. Lifestyle enhancements could be anything from adding a dog door for your pet to converting your dining room into a working office complete with wiring and new shelves. They may not help with resale, but it adds to your personal enjoyment. Neighborhood norms can include adding new landscaping, upgrading your kitchen, master bedroom or bathroom with updated materials or layouts. When investing in this area, you will most likely spend a little more in that year than your budget, but you will want to focus on doing one upgrade really well as opposed to doing two upgrades with inferior materials or quality. Think of your enhancements as INVESTMENTS, and you will make smart decisions when it comes down to materials and contractors.

Budgeting for these expenses will allow you the flexibility to upgrade when you would like while preserving the value of your house over a number of years using less money than if you had waited for something to leak, rot or break. You may spend more than 1% over the course of your home ownership, but rarely will spend less. Plan for the expense and then work on your plan throughout the year, and you will be in a better position to maintain and increase the value of your house over time.


Chris Lalomia, Owner - The Trusted Toolbox, The Trusted Toolbox is the leading professional handyman company in the Atlanta area. They can handle everything from bathroom remodels to drywall and wood rot repair around the house and everything in between. Contact them for your home repair needs.

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Window and Door Replacement From a Handyman in Alpharetta

Are your homes windows and doors really starting to show their age? Then, a handyman in Alpharetta, GA is perfect for you. A professional handyman offers repair, maintenance and replacement of all types of windows and doors. With an expert, you can rely on their fast and professional services.
To have a professional handyman in your home, simply find one who offers door and window services in your area. It also won't hurt to check out some reviews to make sure that they have many happy past customers. Also, call the company and see if they can come out and provide you with a FREE inspection and estimate for the job.
Replacement Windows
When it comes to replacing windows with the new ones, handymen provide a variety of options, including: double and single hung windows, casement windows, picture windows, bay and bow windows, awning windows, tilt-in windows, garden windows, and more. Also, you can choose from wood, vinyl, aluminum, or other framing materials.
Replacement Doors
Your handyman in Alpharetta, GA offers a wide range of quality services for repairs, replacement and installation of doors of your home, as well. Whether you need interior or exterior doors replaced or taken care of, they can help. There are many different types of doors available for: entry ways, basements, side doors, garage doors, attic doors, and more.

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